Painless money management

Being financially healthy shouldn’t be stressful or painful. The key is to knowing where your money is and what it’s doing for you there, so that you consistently feel in the driving seat of your future and your funds. Our software solution gives you a complete overview of all your personal finances, so that you can check on everything at a click of a button, and wave goodbye to sleepless nights.

Go for your goals, faster

You already know what you want from life, but do you know how you’re going to get there? With MyMoneyPlatform, you can set realistic goals to help you along the route to success, and can figure out how to manage your money better to get you there faster. Want to retire at 60? Let’s make it 50. Want a new car in five years? Let’s do it in three. Discover accelerated achievement today with free help from MyMoneyPlatform.

Safe, secure and trusted

You don’t want to be discussing your personal financial details with just anyone, right? Which is why we take security at MyMoneyPlatform deadly seriously. Our software uses higher encryption levels than most banks, and all is ‘read only’, so nobody can ever touch your cash. We never ask for any personal details, like address or social security numbers, so you can be confident your information is safe with us. Get started today in minutes with just an email address and password.

On the spot financial advice

MyMoneyPlatform is a dinky financial advisor who is always in your pocket. Whether you’re relaxing on the sofa in the evening, passing time on the dreary commute to work or waiting to pick up your kids from school, your personal financial expert is always ready to talk. Even better, he won’t charge you a penny for his services, and isn’t trying to sell you anything either! Try it free today.

Pocket sized power

Who does your money belong to? You. Who has control over it? Your bank? Your broker? Well now you can laugh in the face of greedy advisors and bonus earning bankers, because you’re taking back the wheel. With MyMoneyPlatform, we’ll make effective management of your money child’s play, so that you are always in the driving seat of your cash and your accounts.

One place, all your accounts

Forget logging into multiple online banking, investment and insurance services to find out where you stand (what was that password again?). With MyMoneyPlatform, all your accounts are there for you 24/7 at the touch of a button, so you can stay in control no matter where you are, or when. Sign up for MyMoneyPlatform free today, and take the reins of a healthier financial future.

Money management made easy.

  • Budgeting

    MyMoneyPlatforms free financial planning software has been designed to give you fast and easy solutions to all your budgeting issues. Whether you want to save for a big holiday, upgrade your car or simply manage your cash flow with less stress, MyMoneyPlatform will devise for you an in depth, personalised budget based on your needs, aims and income. Try it today, and discover how easy it can be to take effective control of your money, without all the pain.

  • Planning

    It can be hard to prioritise thinking about the future when we’re all so busy with our hectic day to day lives, so MyMoneyPlatform has been created to fit in with your busy schedule. Whether you’re dreaming about an early retirement, want to know whether life insurance is for you, or simply want an easier way to start putting a little aside every month, MyMoneyPlatform will help you plan for the future in a way you can really understand.

  • Goal Setting

    Tell MyMoneyPlatform what your life goals are, and we’ll tell you how you can achieve them. Want to pay off your mortgage early, or be able to fund your child’s University education? Need to know where to invest your savings, or simply want to make it through the month without dipping into the credit cards? With the help of MyMoneyPlatform, you can set realistically attainable financial goals, and develop a plan for getting there too.

  • Financial Scoring

    All too many of us had a tough financial time during the economic challenges of the last decade or so. Maybe this has led to you having a less than perfect financial or credit score? Using MyMoneyPlatform, you can discover what issues are dragging down your own financial score, and how you can start working towards a healthier outlook for the future. Try MyMoneyPlatform for free today, and take back control of your finances for good.



Goal Setting

Financial Scoring


Better security than many major banks. No personal information required, start today with just an email address. Top notch security that you really can trust.

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Account Aggregation

All of your money in one simple place. Access to your accounts and information 24/7. Aggregate your banking, credit, insurances, investments and more.



All uploaded information is in a read only format. Nobody can tamper with your accounts or move money on your behalf. You’re in control, always.

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Truly independent, unbiased advice. No sales tactics allowed! Free financial solutions and plans based on experience, insight and maths.

Money matters. Get sorted.

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